Life Lessons

Welcome to my VLOGS page.  This is where I speak directly to you.  Each VLOG is topical so you can choose which one will be of most interest to you.  I hope you listen to all of them and are blessed greatly.  I’d like to ask you a favor, would you please share these VLOGS with your friends?   It is the desire of my heart that these VLOGS speak to your heart and encourage you to grow in your walk with our Lord.  If you’d like, drop me a note and let me know how they impacted you.  Please join me on Facebook at Entertainment With a Message.

MOO…Everyone has an opinion and everyone is entitled to that opinion.  Don’t let anyone force you to change your opinion.  God wants us to take a stand, if we don’t we will fall for anything.  Those who are “middle of the road sitters” get run over by the world’s opinion.  Don’t be lukewarm.  Be either hot or cold as God tells us in Revelation.  This VLOG encourages you to stand for what you believe and own your opinion. MOO stands for My Own Opinion. All my VLOGS are just that My Own Opinion.  I am simply sharing my heart with you. 

Learning Curve…Ever feel like everything you do is an uphill battle?  Some days it seems you are climbing a mountain with lead shoes on your feet.  Each step is tortuous.  Well, life is a learning curve.  Every lesson comes with challenges, but each lesson also strengthens us for what is ahead.  Don’t grow weary in learning.  Keep pressing on.  This VLOG encourages you to not give up but to keep going for your goal.

Sacrifice…Freedom is never free, it cost someone something. Many times it cost them their very lives.  We need to be grateful for the sacrifices that people have made for us to give us freedom.  Never take it lightly.  Jesus sacrificed His very life so that we could be free from eternal damnation and separation from God.  He paid the ultimate price for you and me.  This VLOG reminds us of the cost of our freedom.  

Balance Sheet… Ever feel like you are out of whack?  It is so easy to get out of balance, but so very difficult to find equilibrium.  You will never live up to your full potential if you are out of balance. It takes discipline, dedication, and sometimes baby steps to reorder your life.  This VLOG encourages you to make those necessary changes to get back in balance. 

Delayed Gratification…Do you struggle with patience?  Do you want what you want right now?  Impatience can be costly.  Delayed gratification brings blessings beyond what you can imagine.  God wants to bless you, but in His time when you are able to handle that blessing.  Stop trying to strong-arm God to get what you want.  Wait upon His timing.  This VLOG encourages you to wait on the Lord so that He can bless you beyond measure.

Desires of my Heart…God wants to give you the desires of your heart. However, He wants to be the most important thing in your life. Is your heart’s desire more important than God?  If so He may have to rip it from your hands. Seek Him first so that He can bless you with your heart’s desires.

Scrambled Eggs…God wants to use you where ever you may be.  Are you allowing Him to speak through you to others?

Hamster Wheel...Are you running in circles going nowhere fast?  Ever feel like you never accomplish anything despite your efforts. Well, you aren’t alone.

Be Careful What You Say… Words are powerful, they can soothe a heart or start a war. Choose your words carefully.

Walking on Water…Do you love doing the impossible? Well with God the impossible becomes possible. Trust Him and see.

Diet…What are you putting into your bodies? Is it bringing life and health or disease and death? Our food choices determine how we feel.

Representing…Who do you represent?  Are you ashamed to let people know what you believe?  Come out of the shadows and take a bold stand for Christ.

Judge Not…lest you be judged. Are you quick to judge others? Ever been the one that was misjudged? Jesus tells us that by the same measure we use to judge others we will be judged. Can you stand up to your judgment measure?.