Sermon Starters -- Comedy Appetizers

Sermon Starters are topical comedy sketches that introduce your sermon or message.  They help wet the appetite of your listeners so that they are hungry for the meat of your message.


 Watch the promo below. Please Note that each individual skit starts with the same promo.  Once it finishes you will be able to rent that video.  However, you will not be able to see the actual video until it is rented.

 “By the Book” 

Who are you listening to?  This skit is about a woman who tried to do what is right, yet her alter ego constantly criticizes her for doing so.  Obedience to God’s Word is questioned in this skit.  It is humorous skit that emphasizes that doing what is right all the time is the only right way to do things.

“I Heard…” 

Is it really gossip if you are sharing information in the form or a “Prayer Request?”  Watch as two prayer partners share their Sunday School prayer list with each other so that they can “pray” for these people.  This is a very poignant way that Christians spread gossip for the sake of praying for others.

“I’ll Get Around to It” 

Procrastination can be fatal.  People put off till tomorrow, till tomorrow doesn’t come.  Everyone procrastinates, but unfortunately, too many people delay in giving their hearts to Christ until it is eternally too late.  This skit makes that important point.

“The Bragger”

Pride before destruction.  Do people run when they see you coming?  Are you always better, smarter, richer, faster than everyone?  Bragging cost us personal relationships.   This wacky skit shows how people avoid braggers.

Emily the Blamer” 

Taking responsibility for your life can be difficult. Sometimes it is easier to blame others, but you can’t be a victim and victorious at the same time.  What you choose determines the course of your life.  You reap what you sow and consequences follow actions.  This funny skit takes a look at this Biblical point.


Ever wish you could take a pill and all your problems would disappear?  This mock infomercial offers just that.  Just take one pill for Forgiveness and all your grudges will disappear forever!  If only it were that simple.

“Lamar’s Funeral” 

Some people love to whine.  A funeral is not the most appropriate place to do so, especially when your endless whining is to the grieving widow.  Be sure to check out the companion music video for this skit.  It is called “Eye Disease”

“Marcia the Controller”  

Control freaks must control everything and everyone.  Marcia believes this is her calling from God.  Her nose is in everyone’s business.  She even wants to run the church and the Pastor.  Every church has a Marcia.  Bet you are thinking of one right now.

Never Satisfied” 

Is enough ever enough?  Some people are never satisfied regardless of what they get they always want more.  This lady wins a million dollars but that is still not enough. This skit is about being ungrateful.


Living in constant fear and worry is paralyzing.  This poor lady is stuck in a rut of worry. She won’t leave the house for fear of something terrible happening in her life.  Life quickly passes by her.

“The Chaser” 

Everyone is chasing after something.  However, Sofia is chasing after fame, fortune, status, and approval.  If only she could see that she is simply chasing after the wind.  Be sure to check out the companion song for this skit.  It is called “Who’s Your God.”

“Florence the Liar” 

Oh, what a tangled web Florence weaves.  She keeps tripping up on her lies.  Florence lies so much that she can’t remember what she tells people.  This funny sketch shows Florence struggling as she gets caught in one lie after another.

“The Judger” 

Every congregation has one.  This woman runs everyone down starting with the preacher.  His sermons are always too long and she doesn’t like his tie…on and on she goes.  However, she never sees that big ole log in her own eye.  But, she sure can pick out the speck in everyone else’s eye.  Be sure to check out the companion music video that goes along with this skit.  It is called “Praise God You Won’t Be My Judge.”

“Bubbles the Schemer” 

Bubbles is a conniver.  She is going to find a way to get what she wants regardless of what it cost, or who she has to step over to get.  This wacky woman is scheming for a job so that she can find her next meal ticket…a husband.  Her reasoning is hilarious.