Sermon Starters--Youth Appetizers

Sermon Starters–Youth Appetizers are a series of skits written for youth and performed by youth.  These skits can be used to introduce your message or stress a major point in the message.  They are topical so you can see which one will fit your need.  Each one is short, entertaining and to the point.  


Watch the promo below.  The individual videos all have the same introduction so you will not be able to view the actual skit without renting it.  After the promo plays it will take you to the link to purchase the video you want.

“Be Careful What You Wish”

Sometimes we need to watch our words and be careful what we wish.  Cassy discovers this truth while babysitting her little brother, Chris.


Cassy is too wrapped up in her phone conversation to actually watch her little brother while her mother is away.  Unfortunately, her lack of doing what her mother asked her to do results in Chris being badly hurt.


Cassy tells her friend she wishes she didn’t have a little brother.  Will she get her wish?


How much is your integrity worth?  Arielle has to choose between her best friend and her integrity.  When she does what is right it cost her the friendship.  This skit focuses on doing the right thing regardless of the cost.

“I’ll Trade You” 

The grass isn’t always greener. A group of kids sit around talking about their lives only to see that things aren’t so bad at home.  Especially when one of them reveals that her parents and siblings were killed in a car wreck.  She would trade places with all of them.

“It Will Cost You” 

Tom has a great scan going by getting Jen to do all his homework, until the tables are turned on him.  Jen learns of this schemes and returns the favor by getting him to take her to the Homecoming dance.


Kara is so jealous of the new girl, Jenna.  She would love to trade lives with Jenna until she learns the sad truth.  She finds out that the grass isn’t always greener.  Kara must decide if her jealousy will rule her heart or can she overcome it to be friends with Jenna.

“Last to be Picked” 

No one likes to be last, but Jesus tells us that the last shall be first.  This touching skit between an older boy and a younger boy shows the value of discipleship.

“Let your Light Shine” 

Andy uses his God-given talents to serve the Lord through his music at school.  He tries to reach his peer through his songs about Jesus.  Andy lets his light shine for others to see Christ in him.

“My Parents are so Ridiculous” 

Molly is complaining about her parents.  However, Sean would trade places with her in a second.  Molly’s parents really care about her and Sean wished his parents cared more about him.

“Pray-Not Just a Four Letter Word” 

Jess and Amanda are Christian friends, yet they see prayer differently.  God is the center of Jess’ life, but not so much for Amanda.  This skit focuses on priorities.

“The Runaway”

A little boy decides to leave home after his mom has a new baby.  He doesn’t feel wanted anymore.  However, he runs into an older teen girl who explains how important he is and how his new sister really will need him.  The teen girl changes the little boy’s perspective and he returns home.

“Who Wins!” 

Competition can ruin the closest of friends.  Maddy and Tally must decide whether winning or their friendship is most important.  This focuses on friendship.

Works Every Time” 

Tommy’s big brother thinks he can manipulate Tommy into doing all his chores because he has some “dirt “on him.  However, Tommy wises up and soon has the upper hand.

“Youth Camp” 

Ali and Amy have just gotten out of school for the summer and they are already bored.  Their mom suggests that they go to their Church’s Summer Youth Camp.  You can use this skit to promote your church’s summer youth camp.