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Act Up Acting Curriculum is a twenty lesson beginners acting course for students from 8 years of age to 18 years of age.  This course is easy to use and fun for the students.  This is a Biblically based curriculum.  Your students will learn acting techniques such as:  Improvisation, monologues, performing a scene with scene partners, how to warm-up before performing to alleviate stage fright, stage directions and many other acting techniques.  Each lesson is taught by Debbie Harmon and her techniques are demonstrated by some of her students.  Your student will enjoy participating along with her students.


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Introduction to Act Up acting course.  This is a free video which introduces this program. 


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The First Fifteen A is an acting warm up exercise created by Debbie Harmon for her Act Up instructional video. This is a great warm up exercise for anyone who is an actor/actress, public speaking or singing. This is part A for the series.  To purchase, watch the promo video to the left and at the end you will get instructions for renting the First Fifteen A.


The First Fifteen B is an acting warm up exercise created by Debbie Harmon for her Act Up instructional video. This is a great warm up exercise for anyone who is an actor/actress, public speaking or singing. Slightly different from The First Fifteen A.  To rent the video watch the promo video on the left and instructions for rental will be at the end.


Act Up Lesson 1 Let’s Get Started.  This is an introduction to acting and what it is all about.


Act Up Lesson 2 “What is Acting?”  What is acting and what are actors. What is the job of an actor?


Act Up Lesson 3 Being Believable teaches students how to be real in a role.


Act Up Lesson 4 “You” nique Being Yourself teaches students how to be real and natural in the roles they play.


Act Up Lesson 5 Improvisation teaches students how to perform Improv.


Act Up Lesson 6 The Back Story teaches students how to create a back story for their character.


Act Up Lesson 7 The Monologue students learn how to perform a short monologue.


Act Up Lesson 8  “Who are You Talking To?” students learn to think about who they are talking to in a scene.


Act Up Lesson 9 Practice, Practice, Practice students learn the value of practicing their scenes.


Act Up Lesson 10 “The Performance” students observe the monologue performances of some of Debbie’s acting students. Then they are encouraged to perform their material for an audience.


Act Up Lesson 11 “Let’s Review”.  In this lesson the information taught prior to this point is reviewed. Also improve games are played to teach you to listen to others.


Act Up Lesson 12 “Working with a Scene Partner” teaches how to work with someone else in a scene. Also you will learn how to correctly do a cold read for an audition.


Act Up Lesson 13 “Substitution” teaches techniques to learn how to use substitution for acting purposes. This will make you more believable in a scene.


Act Up Lesson 14 “Technical Stuff” teaches technical terms such as stage direction, cheating, projection, props, action, cut, casting director, writer, director, producer, understudy, slate, and learn how to slate.


Act Up Lesson 15 “Honing Your Skills” talks about memorizing lines and techniques to help with doing this. How to stay in character so that that the audience doesn’t know you messed up your lines. Also making sure your back stories relate to your scene partner’s. The audience should feel like they are dropping in on a private conversation between people. Acting needs to be that believable.


Act Up Lesson 16 “Be in the Moment”…acting is about being real and having the audience believe that you are really experiencing what you are saying for the very first time. Being in the moment is an important acting technique. Stage freight is discussed.



Act Up Lesson 17 “Dress Rehearsal”…in this lesson you will understand the importance of blocking, using props in a scene, what you are going to wear to be in character.



Act Up Lesson 18 “It’s Show Time”…now it is your time to perform you scenes for an audience. Debbie discusses the importance of staying in character till the end of your scene. Then you will watch Debbie’s student performing their scenes.



Act Up Lesson 19 Working with Multiple Scene Partners.  In this lesson we examine how to deal with more than one scene partner.



Act Up Lesson 20 “It’s a Wrap…this is 20th and final lesson from Act Up. Now it is time to put everything that you have learned together and give a dynamite performance.



Bloopers is the outtakes from the videos that were shot.  We all make mistakes and do not always get our lines correct.  This is a funny example of that.